Ban Veronika

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Born 11th of July 1985 in Maribor, Slovenia (Ex-Yugoslavia).
After finishing A-level equivalent in Humanities at High School in Maribor (Slovenia 2003), I lived one year in Barcelona where I was involved with exhibitions, concerts and performances in the socio-cultural center that encouraged free expression of the young and rebellious.
In 2004 I went to live in Italy where I finished BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, in Visual Arts and disciplines of spectacle in 2007 and then I continued with graduating in MFA (Master of Fine Arts), which I finished then in Venice 2011.
I have now lived in Berlin since 2009 when was born my daughter and where I continue to create paintings and collages, sculptures and installations, performances, happenings and movies. As well as I am getting involved with art events and talks about art. In 2013 I start working on my first long length movie with the thematic about the society we live in and values in this society with the title: “Just because love here is not enough?”
To date I have been exhibited my artworks in these countries: Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Spain, United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, France, Sweden, Turkey, USA, Argentina.