Robert Sandrine - Fourmi

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Fourmi (Sandrine Robert) lives and works in Bordeaux
Since childhood, she developed a great interest in creative work, colors and materials. Latershe studied graphic design, which then leads to resume brushes and integrate Beaux-Artsfor 4 years.
She creates "imaginary walls" from materials, textures, street posters, various papers, inks,bleach, of recycling ... She collection, picks them up here and there, and gives them new lifeby putting them on stage in pure compositions.
Concept and painting style she calls "IMAGINARY WALLS" is an urban art, where rebelliousstyles mingle and where the influences roam.
The final is a tangle of colors, emotions and different techniques.
His paintings are living spaces that make up a world that tries to embed the viewer in somereverie!